Friday, August 04, 2006

Investor's place - money4investors

There is a nice & useful place to research, study & invest in real-estate - money4investors . There's a lot of material avilable to be viewed publicly. However, they offer pretty & useful services based on few membership types also. The prices appear appropriate for each membership & the attractive services to help with investment research & succeed ... I guess. The whole website is organized well & looks quite simple & easy to navigate. It may prove a boon to serious investors & may generate many investong opportunities - as there are ways to network too :-)

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Thursday, August 03, 2006


I like this bucket full of interesting & useful articles ! It probably has matter everybody would find readable & enjoyable for hours, days & months. I personally check out the article bucket whenever I wish to read something new, or different.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Useful links

This list is growing, as I keep finding interesting ones :

  1. A useful website which lets you surf anonymously, is free-anonymous-surfing , which means you won't be actually visible to the target website that you're on their page & it can't read your IP, browser, location information. Just type your website address in the top text box & press "go". For more similar anonymous stuff, see freecountry.
  2. A useful place to find free money making tips, is It keeps getting updated frequently.
  3. A page to find out all details about almost every TV channel aired in United States, as well as others like asian (viz. Starz), Indian channels (Zee cinema, Zee gujrati, Star, etc.) : ! You can find program listings, satellite orientations (angles), TV guide, channel guides, downloads, wallpapers & much more related to US TV channels.
  4. Watch Free TV, view program listings on different available channels : americanfree.TV . I watch it when I have time.
  5. I found this after a long time : Great epics (Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads, Kural, Bhagwad Gita, etc.) well translated for simplicity of understanding, by Rajaji (C. Rajagopalachari) , can be read completely here : Rajaji books . I already completed the 2 of them :-). Mahabharata in html format, can be found here too : Mahabharata .
  6. A PMP (Project Management Professional) course preparation overview .
  7. Some nice places to find some interesting & useful e-books : cooldogebooks, absolutely-free-ebooks .
  8. Nice Indian movies & TV channels LIVE - indianmoviesclub & musicNmovies . A place to get complete scripts of many selected movies : Awesomefilm - my favorite is Forrest Gump :-) .
  9. Nice collection of songs : ideaweb , musicweb ,
  10. My collection of own enhanced choicest songs : coolanshoe :-)
  11. Commendable stuff about home improvement, painting, decorating etc : paintquality .
  12. If you wish to know american accent & learn its nuances , try americanaccent .
  13. Interesting read about new ideas .